Frequently Asked Questions

Launched in 2003, Kosher Diet Delivery is the original home delivered diet program for Kosher consumers. We offer the world's most effective, convenient, and enjoyable meal program delivered fresh to your doorstep each morning by 6am!
Every morning, before 6am, our delivery personnel will deliver to your home all of your freshly prepared meals. We won't need to ring the bell and disturb you but you'll find our sleek black insulated cooler waiting at your door every morning. Our meals are delivered with reusable gel icepacks but NEVER FROZEN. Your meals will be prepared just for you, in accordance with your dietary requirements. As well as preparing meals that are consistent with your dietary needs, we'll also consider your personal food preferences, your height, weight, age, activity level, and significant medical history in designing your personal menu. Every client of Kosher Diet Delivery receives a program tailored just for them by our experienced nutritionists.
Picky Eater? No problem!
Our program is completely customized to your personal food likes and dislikes. Upon your enrollment, we'll ask about various ingredients and cooking styles and eliminate anything you don't like from your program. For example, if you don't like asparagus, salmon and pastrami, we would ensure that you never received those items.
Due to the unique and highly customized nature of our fresh food nutrition programs we must insist that all sales are final. We encourage new clients to try our shorter duration trials to make sure that our programs meet your needs. Our clients are overwhelmingly satisfied with the quality and effectiveness of our programs. Should you wish to try one of our trial programs, please be aware that you may elect to covert your trial into a full program within the first 7 days of delivery. In the event you convert your trial program you will be prorated into a full program and your daily rate will be retroactively adjusted as if you had purchased a full program initially.
We can accommodate most clients with special dietary needs. Clients with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, gluten sensitivities, allergies, diverticulitis and certain other conditions will require that we make adjustments to the program. And now for our disclaimer: You should advise your nutritionist of these conditions when you enroll. It is very important that we stress that our programs are non-medical and non-diagnostic in nature. None of the information we provide is intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. We are nutritionists and not doctors! (end of disclaimer) All kidding aside, we would never want you to jeopardize your health in any way. We work with many physicians who send us their patients and most doctors like having their patients on our programs but you should always listen to the advice of your doctor.
Absolutely! When you call Kosher Diet Delivery, your call is answered by a nutritionist -- not a sales representative, customer service agent or switchboard operator. Because we are staffed and operated by nutritionists you will always be assured that an experienced professional will be available to work with you. Additionally, when you become a client, one of our senior nutritionists will be assigned to you as a coach. Your coach will have direct responsibility for your profile and will oversee your program, monitor your progress, and provide support whenever needed. 800-354-3122
Our meals are designed to be microwaved and come in their own microwaveable dishes. But please don't confuse our fresh food with frozen entrees you may find at your supermarket. Our meals are freshly prepared and never frozen -- these are not glorified TV dinners. Although due to differences in microwaves heating times can vary slightly, most meals will require 1 to 3 minutes in a typical microwave oven on HIGH. Conventional ovens may also be used for heating but this will require transferring the meal to an oven safe container before heating.
It's easy to change your delivery schedule! Just reach out by phone, email or SMS with at least a 3 business day notice and we will suspend the deliveries for any days you request to have off and those days will automatically be added to the end of your program.
Yes! You'll get a $2.00 per day discount off the regular price for each additional person who does the diet at your address with you! For example, if a husband, wife and daughter were to all do the program, the first client would pay the regular price, the second would get $2.00 off the regular price and the 3rd would get $4.00 off the regular price! All deliveries must go to the same address.
We base your portion size on your height, weight, age, activity level and other variables that your nutritionist will ask you about during your intake interview. In the unlikely event that you are feeling hungry, its important that you let us know about this so that we can adjust your portion size. In the years we have been providing this service, we've learned that it is detrimental to your success to under feed you. You should never feel hungry on Kosher Diet Delivery.
If you refer somebody to the program and they give us your name at the time of signup for their first month of service, you'll get a free day of service for your help in letting people know about the great programs we offer. We obtain much of our business from word of mouth!
Absolutely not! Many of our clients elect to eat our meals Monday through Friday only. Some clients receive delivery every day except Saturday. Some even eat with us every other day as they get closer to their goal weight and wish to ease themselves off the program. When you purchase a program from Kosher Diet Delivery, how you use your days of service is entirely up to you! (A 31 day program used 5 days per week lasts about 6 weeks.) Whatever delivery schedule works for you can be accommodated. Additionally, you can change your delivery schedule any time you wish by providing us 3 business day's notice.
No. Unlike other programs that deliver some of your food but require you to purchase your own fresh fruits, vegetables and other items Kosher Diet Delivery is 100% nutritionally complete. Because your meals are prepared fresh and never frozen or freeze dried, we include delicious fresh salads, vegetables and a wide variety of fruits on the program. There is nothing for you to add except beverages -- and we recommend lots of water!
We will never charge your credit card without your express permission. We won't automatically renew your program. Before your last day of paid service, a member of our team will contact you to remind you that your program is coming to an end and determine if you intend to continue the program.

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