Kosher Diet Delivery makes it simple to lose weight, eat healthy, keep kosher, and look and feel your very best. We prepare the most incredible, mouth-watering, Glatt Kosher certified diet food available... And we hand deliver it right to your doorstep every morning before 5AM. Our kitchens are supervised under the dual rabbinical supervision of the Central Rabinnical Congress (CRC).

Whether you're looking to shed pounds or just eat healthy, Kosher Diet Delivery has a convenient meal service just for you! Because we realize that no two clients require the same nutritional program in order to achieve the results they desire, Kosher Diet offers "tracks" based on several popular dietary approaches and philosophies including The Zone Diet, Low Carb, Caloric Restriction, and others. Every call to Kosher Diet Delivery is answered by an experienced nutritionist who will design a custom Kosher Diet Delivery program just for you.

Becoming a client of Kosher Diet Delivery starts with a startup evaluation with one of our staff nutritionists. During the evaluation, we'll learn a little about you and help determine if you would be a good match for our program. If we feel we can help you, we'll get you enrolled.

During the enrollment process, you'll speak with an experienced nutritionist who truly cares about your success and satisfaction with our program. We'll discuss in depth your personal food likes and dislikes, your goals, any relevent medical history, etc. The nutritionist who enrolls you becomes your primary contact at our company for the duration of your program. This 1 to 1 relationship helps make it possible to provide a level of service and personal attention you simply won't find anywhere else. Dieting, and food in general are highly personal in nature -- so its important that you get a truly personalized experience.

We will do everything in our power to help ensure your success. Since 2003 we have built a solid following of loyal clients. We're very proud of the fact that about 70% of our clients come to us by word of mouth. If you've been referred by a friend or family member, please be sure to mention their name when you enroll.


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